About True Esoteric Christianity

No doubt, it will come as a huge surprise to many Christians and non-Christians alike to discover that alongside conventional Christianity there has existed another form of Christianity kept hidden from public awareness for over two thousand years. Both forms of Christianity were established by Christ-Jesus to be complementary paths to human salvation. Outer or exoteric Christianity was instituted through St. Peter and intended to serve as a universal religion (and theology). Inner or esoteric Christianity was instituted through St. John (the Beloved) and intended to serve as a universal philosophy (and theosophy).

It was never intended that esoteric Christianity be kept hidden. This was entirely due to centuries of intolerant persecution by corrupt and powerful authorities within the Church of St. Peter. Two historical expressions of esoteric Christianity still little-known today are the Knights of the Holy Grail and the Fraternity of the Rose Cross (Rosicrucian Brotherhood).

Today, the widest expression of true esoteric Christianity is an independent offshoot of the Rosicrucian Fraternity known as “anthroposophy” (Gk: ‘wisdom of man’). The Anthroposophical Society was founded in 1912 by Austrian philosopher and Christian esotericist, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).