Divine Love and the Transmutation of Evil

The following article is the Conclusion from my most recent book publication entitled From Darkness to Light: Divine Love and the Transmutation of Evil (2016). For anyone interested in delving more deeply into this important (though little understood) subject, the book is now available from Amazon.com.

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1. Salvation From Supernatural Evil is a Free-Will Choice

IT SHOULD BE esoterically obvious from all that has been written thus far, that without the benevolent assistance of many highly-advanced celestial beings mankind would become easy prey for supernatural evil. The perpetrators of supernatural evil are far too powerful, and far too clever, for unassisted human beings to overcome on our own.

Furthermore, even though Christ-Jesus has successfully triumphed over Lucifer, Ahriman and Sorath, he does not impose his own success on the rest of humanity. Instead, he freely offers his power, capacity and assistance to overcome evil for anyone who sincerely chooses. Unfortunately, many in our day have not chosen to do so. Far too many people continue to happily endorse the atheistic and materialistic world-view of empirical science. Far too many people continue to be mesmerized by the hedonistic technology of secular society. Far too many people continue to evade spiritual reality with escapist movies, books, games, drugs, sports and music. The discerning observer of modern life cannot help but painfully conclude that supernatural evil will continue to plague somnolent humanity for the foreseeable future.

2. The Tragic Irony of Evil: Opposing God is Opposing Our Own True Self

It is still somewhat of a cosmic mystery to understand why otherwise highly-advanced beings such as Lucifer, Ahriman and Sorath willingly choose to engage in evil; that is, freely choose to act contrary to God. The undeniable spiritual fact is that all sentient beings are children of God; and therefore the divine spirit is mirrored in every self-conscious being. Furthermore, the highest self of all self-conscious beings―holy and evil―is their God-self, their true eternal life and reality.

Moreover, according to logical reasoning, the triune God is perfectly free and infinitely happy. So it also logically follows that for all created beings―including the supernatural perpetrators of evil―the highest freedom and happiness can only come from spiritual union with God.

So, when Lucifer, Ahriman or Sorath flee from the divine light of truth and the divine warmth of love, they are truly and tragically fleeing from their own highest spiritual selves. Separating from God through sin is in fact separating from who they are in reality. Moreover, running from this spiritual fact does in no way change it. Only by embracing the truth of their ultimate being, in sincere humility and gratitude, is there lasting salvation from a sorrowful life of evil.

3.   Divine Love is the Best Way of Dealing with Evil

I John 4:18 states in part that “perfect love casts out fear.” What is also implied with this spiritual truth is that “perfect (divine) love casts out evil.” After examining in some detail the nature, genesis and supernatural perpetration of evil, as well as the celestial beings who benefit humanity and oppose evil, what comes into clear intellectual focus is the convincing conclusion that the best way of dealing with evil is through divine love.

The foremost exemplar of divine love in all of human history is, of course, our saviour Christ-Jesus. Through his life on earth, his gospel teachings and his resurrected presence in the Church, Christ-Jesus has provided mankind with a sure path of holiness that will overcome evil and lead directly to God. Our Saviour has taught and demonstrated that we are not to hate, revile or despise the evil enemies of mankind; but instead, to love them. This, of course, does not mean that we are to befriend our supernatural enemies and overlook their evil ways; but rather, to remind ourselves that they too are children of God, albeit lost and mistaken. Hopefully, one day, they will realize the error of their evil ways, and turn back to their true home in God.

Furthermore, regarding the supernatural perpetrators of evil with infinite compassion does not mean that the forces of holiness do nothing about evil in their midst. Since all persons under unwarranted attack have a right to appropriate self-defense, the benevolent celestial beings have every right to resist, repel, disable, disarm, deactivate, neutralize, subdue, contain, incarcerate and imprison the perpetrators of evil who intend to do others (and themselves) harm. Self-defense, in this case however, is not undertaken in a spirit of revenge or retaliation; but in the spirit of Michael―the spirit of divine justice, fairness and doing what is morally right in the eyes of God.

Since all sentient beings possess the divine gift of free-will, perpetrators of evil cannot be forced against their will to be holy. The free-will decision to turn from evil to holiness is what is understood as “redemption.” The will to do evil can only be overcome and reversed through a personal act of redemption. The material or superphysical manifestations of evil, however, can be transformed or transmuted. For example, by raising the vibratory level of etheric debasements, such as electricity and magnetism, these manifestations of evil can be transmuted back into light and chemical ether, for the positive benefit of earthly evolution.

Furthermore, much of modern technology―such as computers, robotics, genetic modification and automation―is a “double-edged sword”; it can be used for the benefit of mankind, or for earthly destruction. Modern technology, then, must be increasingly wrested from the control of Ahrimanic spirits and put into the hands of Michael and other Christ-imbued beings. Similarly, the various forms of artistic expression―such as filmmaking, theatre, painting, sculpture, computer graphics and music―must increasingly be directed away from Luciferic fantasy and illusion; and instead, directed towards the uplifting expression of true spiritual beauty.

In summary, by assisting our planetary-spirit, Christ-Jesus, with the transmutation and transformation of the “old” universe into the “new heaven and the new earth,” the supernatural perpetrators of evil will be increasingly surrounded by the light of divine truth and the warmth of divine love. Consequently, this will increasingly limit the dark places they can hide; and more importantly, it will increasingly limit their ability to debase matter, energy and mind to use as weapons in their arsenal of evil. In time, by increasingly protecting ourselves, and them, in a cosmic cocoon of holiness, this will incite the larvae of evil to metamorphose into the prodigal butterflies of spiritual redemption.

No doubt, transforming the universe to this supernal degree of divine love will take many aeons to accomplish; but after all, this is the divine plan of creation―the destiny of the Logos-Word as the image and likeness of God.

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