My Spiritual Profile

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Greetings Fellow Seeker!

My name is Ron MacFarlane. Having entered this life in 1950, my formative adolescent years were spiritually shaped by the “Psychedelic Sixties.” During that time, my simple Presbyterian family background was deepened and expanded by the influx of exotic Eastern mysticism into Western society. Later, during my twenty-first year, several profound spiritual experiences unexpectedly occurred which completely reshaped my understanding of and relationship with Christ-Jesus for the rest of my life.

During that time, I experienced a blinding encounter with the Risen Saviour (similar to St. Paul) as well as the transcendent union of “Christ-consciousness” on the other side of the threshold. Moreover, a supersensory calling from Christian Rosenkreutz and a later physical encounter with a mysterious emissary would eventually direct my attention to Rosicrucianism, then to anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner.

Consequently, I have been a dedicated Rosicrucian student and a strong supporter of anthroposophy for over forty years. This deep and abiding interest in esoteric Christianity has been harmoniously complemented since 2006 by an equally deep devotion to the Church of St. Peter. This conversion to the Catholic Faith was the result of an inner directive from Our Saviour during the previous Christmas season.

I am happily retired from my professional career as a high school art teacher and currently live in Mission BC, Canada, with my loving wife Anne Marie, close to our four adult daughters and three grandchildren.